Louis Vuitton vintage speedy bag

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Classic and vintage Louis Vuitton speedy bag. This is a Louis Vuitton x French company bag. What does that mean? A bit of history…The French Company Louis Vuitton’s worldwide popularity grew rapidly in the 1970s in the United States. Until this time, their factories had always been in France… but Louis Vuitton simply couldn’t keep up with its growing market in the US. For this reason, in the 1970s Louis Vuitton developed a relationship with a US Luggage Maker. The French Luggage Company. During a period from around 1976 through 1991, The French Company manufactured bags under a special license from Louis Vuitton. These items were made here in the US, and were sold here in the US. They were sold in more exclusive department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue & Neiman Marcus. 

  • Measures approximately 14 in across, 7 in width, 9 in height, 4 in handle drop
  • Condition: very good overall for a vintage piece, zipper pull leather tab is missing but still fully functional! Interior is clean.